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Your online storage with contact and calendar management.
With Nextcloud you can manage your own files in one central location. You can access documents, videos and music from various devices anywhere! With WebDAV, media player, gallery, document viewer and Android app. We want to be your trusted provider where you feel your data is securely hosted in Germany.


  • Tailored web applications
  • Android apps and games
  • Browser games
  • Sounds
  • Databases

IT security

We make sure that your computers, IT and network are secure and up to date. Prepare for the future with IT penetration tests. You will save your company trouble and money later on. Make life difficult for hackers.

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.
– Douglas Adams

About us

Ruben Barkow-Kuder
20 years of experience with PHP and MySQL databases
Years of experience in building a city-wide decentralized WiFi network Freifunk Kiel
Penetration test
Find solutions when your IT is on fire.


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